Make a difference in cities across the United States in a powerful week of service starting at only $429 person.   

Make a difference in cities across the United States in a powerful week of service starting at only $429 person.   

Small Groups Week! JUNE 18-25, 2016

Do you have a group under 50 participants? Great! IMchange Missions is bringing together smaller groups to serve together in one HUGE week of life changing missions. We will offer a stateside and an international location.


Serve the families & businesses affected by the devastating Colorado floods. While it may be too soon to know, for certain, the total damages caused by the flooding, it is never too soon to serve. Your encouragement will bring hope to those who have lost everything. Sign up today to help this state rebuild.

Indian Reservations

You and your group can have a life changing experience serving on a Indian Reservation.  More often than not, the beautiful people on the reservations are living in poverty, longing for approval, and deeply desiring a better life.  You can bring hope through home repair projects, community development, and lasting impact.  Ask us about this incredible cultural mission trip.  

Kansas City, MO

In the heart of the inner city, you will serve a community that desperately needs the light of Jesus. You’ll work alongside the poor and needy through various community service projects. Your encouragement to this community will help break cycles of poverty and depression for many people.

Moore, OK

Serve the residents of Moore, OK and the surrounding areas who experienced devastation in an EF5 tornado on May 20, 2013. The outpouring of help was incredible when the Tornado hit, but the long term renewal and rebuild efforts are still going and many have forgotten. Your group will serve in a significant and lasting way through home repair projects and renewal projects. Construction experience is not necessary.

New Orleans, LA

Serve the beautiful people of New Orleans through home repair projects and community projects. New Orleans is a city with deep cycles of poverty and your service will bring encouragement and strength to many who are looking for hope.

New York, NY

From the external, NY is buzzing with life, lights, and non-stop activity. Underneath the dramatics are people living in harsh conditions, homelessness, and poverty.  Serve a city and people that need the light of Jesus in a sometimes masked society of false ambitions and endeavors.  

St Louis, MO

The Gateway city is filled with a rich cultural history and a deep rooted people.  In the midwest, life is filled with everyday experiences that provide you and your team a great opportunity to serve.  Come alongside hopeful ministry to reach homeless communities, shelters, inner city students and people in need. 

Tulsa, OK

In the heart of the "Bible Belt", Tulsa, OK is a city still in need of God's grace and love.  You can serve through inner city ministry including homeless outreach, sidewalk Sunday School Trucks, community development, and after school programs.  Jump into the rich culture of often struggling people who need Jesus. 


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