Human trafficking is a reality in the country of Nepal.  The sad truth is that 12k-15k girls a year are sold into the sex trafficking industry because of poverty and need.  What if you could change that for one girl, two girls or  a village?  IMchange Missions is strategically using the power of tourism and missions to change the landscape of villages.  Your participation on an IMchange Mission trip to Nepal will bring hope, change, and life to a dark place.  You can literally save the life of a young child who may be sold into slavery just through being a missionary tourist. 

How it Works? 

When your group takes a mission trip to Nepal, you change the economic scale in a remote village. By going to a village, staying in their village, playing with their children you bring an income stream to their village.  This empowers new mindsets, food and provision, a new recognition that poverty can end through tourism vs selling their children. 

Experience the heart of God through justice, transformation, and adventure in the beautiful country of Nepal. Your group can go off the beaten path on a trekking adventure, make a lasting impact through a needed construction project, teach at English camps, and run a sports camp.  There are many opportunities and custom options to choose from in a life-changing trip to Nepal.